Alas​.​.​. The Sun is Shining, and You Are Still Alive

by Whettman Chelmets



NOTE: limited edition cassettes and CDs are available through Submarine Broadcasting Company.

“Alas… The Sun is Shining and You are Still Alive” finds Whettman Chelmets exploring more of the guitar sounds and textures that defined his teenage life, and that sound lends a nostalgic longing to each these three tracks. The first track hits right of the bat with the artist plunging into shoegaze, fuzz-echo noise pop structures reminiscent of the Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cure, and Phil Spector. Track two takes on acoustic treatments and blends them with 4/4 kick drums, reverberated guitars and chimes that weave to a grandiose apex with nods to the The Tornados’s “Telstar” and other larger-than-life sounds. Track three slows it all down to a glacial pace and unfolds guitar textures over the course of nine minutes, moving from a dreamy yearning to crushing waves of feedback and noise. At 18 minutes, Whettman Chelmets takes us on a journey through fuzz-tinted memories.


released November 2, 2018

Track 1 recorded between May and August of 2018. Track 2 recorded in 2013 with additional guitars recorded in September, 2018. Track 3 recorded September, 2018.

All tracks written by Whettman Chelmets. Mixed and Mastered by Whettman Chelmets in September, 2018.



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