Annihilate Your Masters

by Whettman Chelmets



"On approaching the other it has lost its own self, since it finds itself as another being; secondly, it has sublated that other, for this primitive consciousness does not regard the other as essentially real but sees its own self in the other."

"Self-consciousness exists in and for itself when... it so exists for another; that is, it relies only in being acknowledged."

"Everyone tends to the death of the other."

- Hegel

Annihilate Your Masters explores themes of servitude, inevitability, and resignation -- the grandiose ideas we experience in the day to day living and constant defining of our self and our existence. The themes are loud and are to be shouted at the void, which may or may not hear your cries. The music is loud, intersecting in this place where post-rock, post-punk, ambient, noise, and Steve Reich like repetition meet. It's builds. It's hopeful. But in the end- it's just you.

Have a nice day.


Cassettes for Annihilate Your Masters were available through WEATNU Records, but have since sold out. All the previous purchases and the nice comments are found there. Very much appreciate the support on this one!


released July 17, 2018

All tracks recorded in Whettman Chelmets's Living Room between 2015 and May of 2018.

Mixed by Whettman Chelmets

Mastering by Almark at Studio SynthoElectro

© Whettman Chelmets Distributed by WEATNU Records 2018



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