Miniforms II: Ten Pin Alley

by Whettman Chelmets

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Tichounko I was almost discouraged by the word “pop” in the description of this exceptional EP. Don’t get me wrong - I love pop but this is so much more... The first audible words describe it so well: “I just wanna play”. It’s a playful set of genres, full of colors, layers and moods. I’m very glad such both entertaining - in the best sense of the word - and deep music mixed seemlessly and in a clever, skillful and adventurous way together exists. Favorite track: Mourning the Loss of Our Prehistoric Insect Friend (Remastered).
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theronasaurusrex “Pop” is a term that just doesn’t do justice to this tight and punchy release. Songs such as "I Just Wanna Play" and "That Man Just Stole That Old Lady’s Purse!" demonstrate a profound eclecticism in style ranging from autotune electropop to gypsy jazz. Favorite track: That Man Just Stole That Old Lady's Purse! (Remastered).


Miniforms II is a 4-track EP of remastered pop songs from the Forms sessions of 2014 remasted for the streaming crowd. Miniforms I focused on the classical compositions. Miniforms II focuses on the pop. Pop in this case is more closely associated with the old tin pan alley songwriting factories during the early 20th century and is influenced just as much by pop as it is jazz and Eastern European music. There are pop chord structures and changes, and most songs fit into an AABA format (think "Somewhere Over the Rainbow") that I loved for a long time. They are silly songs about silly things. We'll do the serious stuff later.


released June 27, 2018

Recorded 2012-2014 in Whettman Chelmets's living room.



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